Maria Gavrilina, M.D., Gynaecologist


    Maria Aleksandrovna Gavrilina  was born in 1973.

Graduated from comprehensive school in 1990.

In  1996 graduated in General Medicine from Medical Academy of  Volgograd, Russia.

From 1996 till 2000 she had specialized in post diploma degree with qualification in obstetrics and gynecology. Also specialized in complementary medicine as acupuncture at the same Medical Academy.

During the post graduate course she delivered lectures to the juveniles and students on problem of sexual education and contraceptive methods on advice of Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Volgograd.

At the same time Maria was working for a year as gynecologist at the local Family planning center.

From 2000 Maria moved to Cyprus. In October 2002 she obtained recognition of diploma in General Medicine by Medical council of Ministry of Health of Cyprus and had medical practice and became registered member of Doctor’s Association.

From October – November 2002 Maria has been specializing in aesthetic medicine by attending special courses in Greece and Cyprus.

Afterwards, she has started an extensive experience collaborating with different aesthetic centers such as “City Spa”; and more than other 35 beauty clinics all over Cyprus providing medical consulting services and application of medical treatments. Maria has been practicing in the implementation of the anti-aging programs and protocols with injectable implants: such as hyaluronic acid-Restylane, Teosyal and etc., Botulinum Toxin-Botox and Dysport, NEW FILL, collagen, Mesotherapy mixtures and chemical peels of medical appliance.

Doctor has an extensive experience in organizing more than 60 medical presentations on different Anti-aging themes for beauticians-cosmetologists the same as for a wide audience of potential clients.

Maria has experience in operating different modern medical technologies such as LASER and IPL (photolysis) for skin epilation, machineries for leg vein treatments and telangiectasias, skin rejuvenation equipment, doctor’s laser for treatment of acne.

In the meantime, Maria was taking a part in experimental researches and scientific testing of new medical technology as surgical laser CO2 and ERBIUM, B- CLEAR (treatment for psoriasis) and other skin treatment devices.

From September 2004 till February 2005 Maria has been completing specialization in gynaecology and obstetrics at the Government Hospital NAM III of CYPRUS. By the end of that period her specialization as Gynecologist & Obstetrician has been recognized as well by the leading governmental institutes and she became registered member of Gynecological& Obstetrical Association in Cyprus and established her own private practice and cooperation with various prestigious clinics in Cyprus.

Since that time she kept continuously attending the EUROPEAN and AMERICAN SCHOOL OF SPECIALISTS of FUNCTIONAL and PREVENTIVE MEDICINE in Monaco, France, Italy, England and UAE where have followed and certified in more than 20 courses and gynecological conferences/workshops on various topics in regards advanced approach in gynecological treatments and techniques, Human wellbeing, Ecology of endocrine and Immune system, optimization of the Metabolism, along with the matters on ANTI-AGING subjects implementing the knowledge on prevention regards serious diseases and cancer, where the details of whole biochemistry of the body is addressed and brought to the balance, and the great assistance to the mental health is given by optimizing some compromised genomes responsible for the whole human being.

From 2013 she is a registered doctor at GMC (General Medical Council) of Great Britain. At the same year Maria established company named “Gabriel Health Care International” trading beauty and health products along with different functional tests – DNA Genomics tests, heavy metals blood tests, food intolerance test, hormonal tests and many others.

As a member of European Organization Family planning center she was providing gynecological services on a volunteer base for more than 5 years, actively taking a part in propaganda programs in regards of Women Health and such. And as a sensitive citizen caring for the problems and issues of the society doctor is also providing for Rotarian charity organization and American women’s club.

All this years as a part of her gynecological practice she is actively involved in infertility services using the most advanced protocols and procedures for assisting patients with reproductive needs, fertility support including bioidentical hormones, genetic corrections for the best assistance of a child conception and as Doctor has achieved very big personal number of therapeutic results in chronic and infertility patient that got to establish her own PATENT METHOD CALLED:


During last years Dr. Maria is widely practicing Functional and Preventive medicine has spent a lot of time investigating the minor symptoms of metabolic disorders for patient to assist the one at the very early stage of pathological disorder and being able to prevent severe conditions including cancer and auto-immune conditions.

Doctor has had attended the DNA Life course in NUTRIOGENOMICS treatment using new physiological perspective with the ability to test and map the body’s building blogs – DNA.

She is currently working on the project related to the Infectious diseases, including Lyme diseases, prion protein infection and virology.

She has 6 magazine publications and 8 newspaper articles, 5 visits to thematic TV programs and many speeches on Radio including various healthy topics.

Her hobbies are being in nature, swimming, art, science, literature and psychology.

Maria is fluent in speaking English & Greek and Russian.

Currently holder of European passport.


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