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Polyps, ovarian cysts and myomas

New protocols to address all gynecological malformations as re-occurrence of ovarian cysts, myoma noodles or breast cysts with bio- identical progesterone.

The old approach with synthetic hormones do increase cancer risk if prescribed as a long protocol which is most often given for above-mentioned conditions.

The bio-identical progesterone is exactly the one  as human body produces, so the correct replacement just provides the right hormone balance and protects from cervical and endometrial polyps, breast cyst and myomas. The minor symptoms of lack of progesterone are hair-loss, increased hours of sleep, chronic fatigue, constipation and e.t.c….


Treatment products
Treatment products

Hyalual spray is a high concentration of hyaluronic and amber acids, which provides penetration into the skin deeply and pronouncing therapeutic anti-aging effect.

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